Storm Water Program

National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)
Phase II Program Public Education Plan (PEP)

Michigan rivers and tributaries stretch across hundreds of square miles in Michigan, including highlands and lowlands. The rivers carry rain and snowmelt runoff, or stormwater runoff, into inland lakes and the Great Lakes. The quantity of stormwater entering our rivers, lakes, and streams along with the pollutants it carries can degrade aquatic habitat and water quality. We can all take simple steps to reduce stormwater pollution. After all, the cheapest way to stop pollution is at the source.

Click for more info - The Lower Grand River Watershed Project resulted in a nonpoint source watershed management plan for the approximately 3,020 square miles of the Lower Grand River Watershed (LGRW).

A Citizen's Guide to Stormwater

A Citizen's Guide to Lawn Fertilizer

A Citizen's Guide to Native Landscaping

Be Stormwater Savvy

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